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Tailpiece for Swan Electric Engraving Company Advertisement
The advertisement combines letterpress in all capital letters, a decorative initial T, and a decorative tailpiece.

End paper back board Pag 1.jpg
A procession of children marching in front of a row of pansies extends the width of the page, about one third of the page down. The design is printed in gold.

Initial A
Initial letters used in The Pageant, vols 1 (1896) and 2 (1897)

Tailpiece for The Wind, by Evelyn Garnaut Smalley
lyric, fiction

Separating ornament for two poems
lyric poem and rondelet

Initial Letter for The Gray Coat

Marginal decorations for The Clay Chickens
story, fiction

Tailpiece for The Wood of Laragh
9-line poem

Initial Letter for Blind Man’s Vigil
11 quatrains made up of rhyming couplets
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