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The Return, decorated page
Epigraph from Atalanta in Calydon; in winter “the merciless north wind scourged the land, and wrung from men’s hearts a confusion of cries and threatenings, which he caught up and carried abroad”; --crisis averted by arrival of Spring the…

Spring in Languedoc, decorated page
Spring comes less dramatically to Provence. Essay focuses on the appearance of the narcissus: with its scent comes “the Everlasting Past, a rustle of the Wind of Death." The essay references troubadours and love songs; quotes an Old French ballad.

Awakenings in History, decorated page
Describes series of “awakenings” in Europe, caused by introduction of foreign ideas by Romans, Goths, Arabs

La Littérature Nouvelle en France, decorated page
The essay, in French, analyzes three characteristics of recent literature: the bankruptcy of pseudo-science; the bankruptcy of naturalism; and the renaissance of idealism.

The Bandruidh, decorated page
Song with voices of Bandruidh and various HIghland airs

The Anointed Man, decorated page
Man touched by the fairies sees only beauty

The Land of Lorne, decorated page
Account of the Land of Lorne, the bards, the bands of satirists, and the lineage of Robbie Burns

Glehda's Wooing, decorated page
Ballad of proud Maisie & her elopement with family foe

An Evening in June, decorated page
Janet Balfour, a cripple loves a man who loves another, and is disappointed in love

Northern Springtime, decorated page
descriptive of spring gradually arriving; “Spring in the North is a history of hopes often dashed
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