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  • Collection: The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal - Volume 1

Evergreen V1146.jpg
Image shows two sphinxes on either side of the Arbor Saeculorum, or the Tree of History. At the top of the tree on the left side is a Phoenix, and on the right is a butterfly. There are two scrolls on either side of the image. Each is divided into…

3 black birds (crows?), each with a spade-shaped leaf in its beak, fly upwards toward the top left corner

Boxed in an ornate decorative frame with the four winds blowing from each corner is a central medallion showing a large sailing ship at sea, flying three flags. The medallion is surrounded by ornamental banners with the Latin motto: Firma Pererrat…

decorated page

The Scots Renascence, decorated page
Death of Professor John Stuart Blackie and the hope of a Celtic revival

Northern Springtime, decorated page
descriptive of spring gradually arriving; “Spring in the North is a history of hopes often dashed

An Evening in June, decorated page
Janet Balfour, a cripple loves a man who loves another, and is disappointed in love

Glehda's Wooing, decorated page
Ballad of proud Maisie & her elopement with family foe

The Land of Lorne, decorated page
Account of the Land of Lorne, the bards, the bands of satirists, and the lineage of Robbie Burns

The Anointed Man, decorated page
Man touched by the fairies sees only beauty
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