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  • Collection: The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal - Volume 2

Maya, decorated page
2 quatrains, rhyming abab

Mary of the Gael, decorated page
Note: This 'legendary romance' is based upon the ancient and still current (though often hopelessly contradictory) legends concerning Brighid, or Bride, commonly known as ‘Muime Chriosd,' i.e. the Foster-Mother of Christ. From the universal honour…

In Shadowland, decorated page
sonnet: abbaabba cddc ee

The Breath of the Snow, decorated page
Narrator reflects on the weather; autumn and the coming of winter in Scotland; recounts neighbourhood gossip conveyed by his housekeeper Peggy ; [116] “That, you see, is the way a woman’s eye beholds the changes coming.”

The Hill-Water, decorated page
irregular verse

La Cité Du Bon Accord, decorated page
"This article is placed in the section 'Autumn in the North' since it has been suggested by a recent visit from its writer. The foremost geographer in Europe, M. Rectus, is also the joint-apostle with Tolstoi of the higher Anarchism. Both…

Faith’s Avatar, decorated page
single 9-line stanza

Amel and Penhor, decorated page
Recounts a story of Saint Malo, in northern Brittany, and its legend of a Great Flood. Penhor, daughter of Bud, was wife of Amel, who tended the flocks of Annan, the great seigneur; Childless Penhor weaves a veil for Holy Mary; gets the baby she…

Le Dilettantisme, decorated page
Like a star-gazer who would tell us that astronomy is vanity, yet offers in exchange his own descriptions and fancies of the hour, so this contemporary literature of dilettantism thinks of life as a mere phantasmagoria, pleasant to observe but vain…

The Song of Life’s Fine Flower, decorated page
8-part song, each with a subhead, each containing 3 quatrains
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