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  • Collection: The Evergreen: A Northern Seasonal - Volume 3

Under the Rowans, decorated page
5 lyric quatrains, aabb
-lyric speaker laments lover buried under the rowans
“my heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill”

Nannack, decorated page
Kailyard fiction

The Warning of Cuculain, decorated page
seven 6-line stanzas, abcccb

The Kingdom of the Earth, decorated page
Taken from The Washer of the Ford , by Fiona Macleod, aka William Sharp

A Summer Air, decorated page
5 8-line stanzas, ababcdcd

Summer-Night Sadness, decorated page
5 8-line stanzas, ababcdcd

Telen Rumengol, decorated page
King Gralon escapes to forest for refuge; at the Druid healing stone, he has a vision of Virgin; when he dies, Virgin promises to create “a race of singers” called “the nightingales of the Virgin." Story includes some Celtic (Breton) songs.
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