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Initial Letter for A Dream of Angus Oge
Prose story with frame narrative.

Initial letter for A Deep Sea Yarn
Story/ fiction

A Devolution of Terror, decorated page
“King René of Anjou, the laughter-loving Count of Provence, seeking to divert the melancholy of his beloved wife, Jeanne de Laval, turned the old-time-Keltic terror into gay new fetes: the games of the tarasque. These games are still played. The…

A Forerunner, decorated page
Part I: "A Forerunner"--12 quatrains aabb
Part II: "The Meeting of Spring and Summer"--16 sestets, ababab

A Glimpse of Heaven Decorated Page
Short Story, Fantasy

A Procession of Causes, decorated page
The poem celebrates spring, renewal, love: “For the old god Pan hath taken a wife/ And the whole world shares their mirth..."

A Simple Story Decorated Page
Prose Folk Tale
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