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The Norland Wind, decorated page
Poem celebrates the North Wind as the Spirit of Life and Liberty

Proem, decorated page
An essay taking Spring as its theme, celebrating variation and unity: the most harmonious lives in tune with seasonal rhythms of earth—times of effort and rest: “That is the ultimate system in which we live…”; “So, at this time, the voice…

A Procession of Causes, decorated page
The poem celebrates spring, renewal, love: “For the old god Pan hath taken a wife/ And the whole world shares their mirth..."

Germinal, Floreal, Prairial, decorated page
These were names given to the Spring months at a famous time some hundred years ago, when men in the April folly of their hearts dreamed that they could make all things new.” References myth, fairy tale, legend symbolic of spring, including Pan;…

Life and its Science, decorated page
Biology is first and foremost the study of life, not death; “let us return to…the simple and the natural, the normal and the organic”; “experimental evolution”/”regeneration” is the “Alchemy of Life”—expands to make a…

Old English Spring, decorated page
Adapted from Harleian ms 2253, circa 1200. Lyric apostrophizing the Northwind

Lengthening Days, decorated page
story of couple who go to live in a log cabin in the woods to observe spring; he’s an artist, like Nature: “First of its ornaments were the tiny creeping birds….”; quotes a Gaelic song about swans singing (trans in fn); Mark’s best picture…

Day and Night, decorated page
Two verses of three lines each

From Four Easter Letters, decorated page
1. from Athens, circa 357 BC ; 2 from Norway, circa 145 BC, written by a woman; 3. from Jerusalem, 8th year of governance of Pontius Pilate; 4. Edinburgh, Easter 1887--all about the coming of spring

The Crows, decorated page
Crows are figured as harbingers of spring
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